BWTS GmbH takes over services for the safety equipment in the offshore wind farm Nordsee-Ost from innogy SE.

picture source: innogy SE

Nordsee-Ost consists 48 wind turbines with a total output of 295MW equipped with turbine type SENVION 6M and is located 35 kilometres north of Helgoland, North Sea, Germany.

BWTS GmbH has signed the contract for the execution of the statutory inspection, maintenance and repair of all safety equipment. Furthermore, BWTS GmbH will take over the general overhaul of the service lifts.  

For many years BWTS GmbH has been a professional and reliable provider in the field of maintenance work, expert inspections, PPE testing, overhauls and repairs of wind turbines. BWTS GmbH has grown up with wind energy in Germany and has carried out onshore and offshore work in over 25 countries.

statutory inspections | maintenance work | repairs | general overhauls | installations | transformer maintenance | commissioning | bolt testing | DGUV V3 testing | pressure vessel testing | repair of oil and mould damage | dismantling are part of the service portfolio of BWTS GmbH.

The offshore lighthouse project North Sea East of innogy. About 60 kilometers from the mainland innogy operates the offshore wind farm Nordsee Ost. Its 48 wind turbines generate enough climate-friendly electricity to supply about 320,000 households. This makes Nordsee Ost one of the largest commercial wind power projects off the German coast. The Nordsee Ost wind farm is operated and maintained from the island of Helgoland. Around 50 service technicians, engineers and nautical personnel are employed here, because unlike on land, wind turbines at sea cannot be serviced and maintained at all times of the day and night. Waves, wind and weather present our service technicians with complex tasks. Short distances, local partners and good downstream service logistics are therefore essential prerequisites for the economic operation of such wind power plants.

"Our long-time experience, also in the offshore sector, underlines our ambition to grow even further with a strong partner like innogy SE" says Marc Wollschl├Ąger // Head of Business Development at BWTS GmbH