BWTS GmbH supports wind farms in Argentina

Source: BWTS GmbH

Challenging sites in challenging times. Amid the ongoing Covid-19 crisis we started maintenance and repair works on wind turbines in Southern Argentina. The works will continue throughout a period of number of months before the customer will take over. Our colleagues have performed similar tasks already virtually around the globe on- and offshore. "With the works we started recently in Argentina we underline the international capabilities BWTS GmbH has achieved in the last few years. We are very grateful to our customers for entrusting us once again with such tasks" said Marc Wollschl├Ąger, Head of Business Development BWTS GmbH.

"We are excited about this challenge and are looking forward to continuing to support our customers in their international endeavors"

For many years, BWTS GmbH has been a professional and reliable provider in the field of maintenance work, statutory inspections, PPA inspections, maintenance and repairs on wind turbines. BWTS GmbH grew up with wind energy in Germany and has carried out work internationally in over 25 countries, both onshore and offshore.