BWTS GmbH and SkySails Power GmbH sign service partnership agreement for trendsetting airborne wind energy systems

Source: SkySails Power GmbH

Source: SkySails Power GmbH

SkySails Power GmbH, technology and market leader in the use of high-altitude wind through airborne wind energy systems and BWTS GmbH, a service provider with international activities in the on- and offshore wind energy sector are entering into a close service partnership.

BWTS GmbH will be responsible for the execution of services related to the operation of airborne wind energy systems on an international level. The focus of this service partnership between the two companies is on supporting SkySails Power during the installation, commissioning, training and handover of their systems.

Airborne wind energy systems use the high-energy and constant wind at altitudes of several hundred meters. To generate energy, an automatically controlled power kite unwinds a tether from a winch on the ground. The tractive force drives a generator inside the winch that produces electricity.

"We are very pleased to be able to accompany the market launch of SkySails´ innovative and environmentally friendly technology," says Michael Richter, Managing Director of BWTS GmbH. "These systems have great potential to be used both onshore and offshore, complementing the possibilities of decentralised energy supply from renewable sources."

"The delivery of the first SkySails Power airborne wind energy systems to international customers has begun," says Stephan Wrage, founder and CEO of SkySails Power GmbH. "With the BWTS GmbH we have an extremely well-positioned partner for these projects at our side, thanks to their extensive experience in the maintenance of wind turbines and their international network."

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