BWTS GmbH acquires VRT Nord GmbH and expands its range of services

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We are pleased to announce that BWTS GmbH signed an agreement with the sole shareholder of VRT Nord GmbH last week to acquire 100% of the shares.VRT Nord GmbH is thus a 100% subsidiary of BWTS GmbH.

Based in Dänischenhagen near Kiel, VRT Nord GmbH was founded in October 2010 and is a specialist welding company according to both EN 1090-2 EXC 3 and DIN EN ISO 3834-2, and which carries out repairs and maintenance of welded constructions, machine components, buildings and plants of all kinds. The focus of VRT Nord GmbH's work is on the repair of wind turbines and the construction of new base frames for small wind turbines. VRT Nord GmbH repairs, among other things, the machine and generator frames of wind turbines and also accepts full service contracts for them, i.e., monitoring and any necessary repairs to machine frames at a fixed price. Furthermore, damage to towers (such as dents due to blade loss), cracks and other damage patterns on various types of turbines are repaired by welding. VRT Nord GmbH also has the capability to carry out non-destructive testing. The services of VRT Nord GmbH are in great demand – one of the reasons being that they have been tested and attested by insurers and certification offices. Thus, the work is carried out at home and abroad (e.g., Japan, Croatia, Ireland, etc.) both for operators and for wind turbine manufacturers.

Sören Voß, Managing Director of VRT Nord GmbH, is confident about the joint future: "Both BWTS GmbH and VRT Nord GmbH have been active in the wind industry for a long time and are valued and recognised as professional partners. We benefit from the size of BWTS GmbH in that we can take over processes and systems already proven at BWTS GmbH, while retaining our operational autonomy to better serve our clients in the future."

Michael Richter, Managing Director of BWTS GmbH, said regarding the purchase: "Both companies benefit immensely from this step by expanding the range of the services on offer. Due to different customer structures, we will be able to quickly tap cross-selling potentials. With the high degree of specialisation of VRT Nord GmbH, we follow the line of offering services that our customers need for the safe and economic operation of their turbines. While BWTS GmbH ensures legal compliance by providing maintenance and expertise, among other things, the specialised services carried out by VRT Nord GmbH make sure that total losses or protracted breakdowns will be avoided."

BWTS GmbH is an experienced provider in the field of maintenance work, expert examinations, testing of personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as maintenance and repairs to renewable energy systems. BWTS GmbH has grown up with wind energy in Germany and, to date, has carried out onshore and offshore work in over 30 countries, has four locations in Germany, as well as a subsidiary in France.